About Us

Bringing research, development and innovation to create dynamic solutions for the industry

The startup was born as a spin-off from the partnership between the Virtual Reality & Multimedia Research Group (GRVM), at the Federal University of Pernambuco, and Petrobras. Together, GRVM and Petrobras have collaborated for more than a decade in research, development, and innovation projects for the offshore industry. And from this experience of cooperation between the university and the market, Bernardo Reis and Vinícius César, under Professor Judith Kelner’s mentorship, had the entrepreneurial vision to found Iara.

Since then, Iara faces the offshore industry’s challenges in Brazil, applying its expertise in developing commercial solutions that employ technologies ranging from computer vision to advanced manufacturing.

Throughout its history, Iara had the opportunity to develop successful projects, such as SOIS, a support system for monitoring subsea installations of flexible pipelines. Awarded by Petrobras in 2019, SOIS resulted in an innovation patent, paving the way for Iara’s growth in the sector. The success also brought essential partnerships, as the one signed with Sapura Navegação Marítima, resulting in the following products: Tritons, a data analysis optimization system for direct vertical connection operations; SapuraCat, which assists in the planning of pull-in operations; Diana, a system for monitoring the spatial position of pipelines during the clamping process on the ship; and ICED, an integrated system for inspection of the outer sheath of flexible pipelines with submillimeter accuracy.

Currently, Iara is part of the Incubation and Startup Training Program of UFPE, having access to laboratories and workshops to develop, prototype, and manufacture integrated systems and specialized machinery such as 3D printers and a CNC milling device. The academic environment also facilitates Iara to have a multidisciplinary and diverse team, currently with nine members, including engineers, designers, and developers.

With its team, Iara combines the scientific process with agile development techniques, standing out as a bridge between research, development, innovation, and industry. Iara seeks to establish partnerships and investments to expand its operation and continue to transform the market. The company firmly believes in its ability to transform RDI projects into products that embody a new reality for the industry.