Cutting-Edge, Intelligent Submarine Camera System for Advanced Data Acquisition and Analysis

AbysSight is an intelligent camera system designed for the submarine applications, offering advanced data acquisition capabilities with low latency and minimal bandwidth consumption. Envisioned for offshore submarine installers, wind power turbine operators, and ROV operators, AbysSight delivers the precision and customization you need for seamless underwater operations.

How the system works?

AbysSight leverages state-of-the-art embedded processing capabilities, enabling custom algorithms tailored to your specific needs. Equipped with high-precision sensors, the system is designed for ROVs requiring low latency and efficient data acquisition. Through its powerful computational units, AbysSight performs complex tasks like object detection, 3D mapping, and environmental analysis in real-time.

Features and Avantages

  • Superior Imaging in Harsh Environments
  • Faster Data Acquisition
  • Full Embedded Processing Power
  • Inline Processing Capabilities
  • Ready for AI Applications
  • Real-time Viewing
  • Low Latency
  • Ethernet 100 Mbit Connection Compatible
  • Custom Solutions Available

AbysSight’s features and advantages go beyond the industry standards with unparalleled customizability. Download our product datasheet for more details:

AbysSight installed in an ROV scanning a flexible pipeline

Transform Your Underwater Operations

Make your underwater data acquisition more efficient and reliable. AbysSight’s real-time analytics and high precision offer a significant advantage, helping you make data-driven decisions instantaneously.

Why Choose AbysSight?

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