IMT and Smart Sensors

IMT is an intelligent communication module that makes data acquisitions and measurements presented by non-connected/IoT devices.

We customize its protocols according to the client’s use case, delivering the proper connections to the IMT using the Plug and Play pattern. This way, IMT comes out of the box ready to use.

The processed data is sent to any server by the network, even in remote areas, with instant availability for viewing and monitoring.

We have prototypes available for numerous scenarios, with successful study cases in water and energy measurements.

Our custom process makes IMT scalable, with configurations ranging from Raspberry Pi-like to server-grade hardware. A typical compact setup includes all necessary connectivity, data processing capabilities, and power, with an expected battery lifespan of eleven years.

IMT is also built to last, using resistant, non-flammable and durable materials, complying with IEC Standards.

IMT makes a beautiful pair with our Smart Sensors, enabling data collection about air quality, water indicators such as pH, salinity, turbidity, temperature, soil, and many others. Combined with SIMON, any IoT scenario can enter the era of Big Data.

IMT brings advantages for measuring your consumption of resources, such as: