Real-time data for monitoring and analysis of flexible pipelines in underwater operations

SOIS is a system designed for installers of flexible pipelines to provide real-time monitoring of its physical properties during vertical connection operations, ensuring the equipment’s safe manipulation.

How the system works?

SOIS is a state-of-the-art technology solution based on machine vision that uses a stereo camera configuration installed at the vessel’s ROV. The system has a refined camera calibration process that provides precise measurements. Our powerful algorithms detect the underwater pipeline from a distance and perform its 3D reconstruction, accessing relevant data, such as maximum curvature and bend moment in real-time.

Having the data provided by SOIS during the operation can result in installations that are faster, as the engineers can access the physical properties of the pipeline against its operational requirements, preventing future damages to flexible pipelines and saving resources and time for pipeline installers.  

SOIS allows analysts to obtain critical information of direct vertical connection during its execution, preventing human errors due to radial distortions and common misperceptions generated by cameras in subsea environments.

SOIS is a game-changer in direct vertical connection operations

Combined with Tritons, SOIS improves the current and future direct vertical connection operations’ analysis. With these systems, Iara offers flexible pipeline installers solutions to improve these operations, save time, resources, and optimize PLSV ships’ performance.

Iara is the best option to acquire SOIS; the system is one of the company’s most successful products. Iara itself was born from GRVM and Petrobras’ partnership during SOIS’ research and development. Now, Petrobras and Iara have a new partnership to sell the system and distribute its license.

By acquiring SOIS with us, you have the advantage of buying it from its formal developers, along with the system licensing and perks like official training and technical support from experts.

SOIS is currently ready for use in the offshore market. You can buy it from Iara and obtain advantages like:

Iara is an official reseller of the SOIS. Please contact us through our business contacts to acquire the system.