Real-time detection of mineral contaminants and non-conformities

CYCLOPS is a system designed for detection and removal of contaminant agents in iron ore production. It inspects conveyor belt loads for contaminant patterns, providing accurate analysis, categorization, and extraction of these non-conformities.

How the system works?

CYCLOPS detects iron ore contamination through computer vision and machine learning techniques, based on precise and real-time three-dimensional reconstruction provided by sensors such as camera and laser. Using information from the collected data, it analyzes the texture of the ore in transit to determine the presence of structures that deviate from desired standards.

CYCLOPS achieves sub-millimeter accuracy and a high measurement rate, enabling accurate inspections even considering the conveyor belt running speed. Laboratory tests showed an efficacy of 90% of detection.

Proved and approved

Cyclops is the outcome of a collaboration with Vale. We partnered to develop this solution in an open innovation program called Mining Hub M-Spot. The system was highly praised by the partners, given its precision.

Cyclops brings several gains to mining facilities, among them:

Non-intrusive inspections: Cyclops leverages the conveyor belt movement to perform its inspection, without modifying the preexisting infrastructure layout.
Real-time information: The system produces accurate reports with real-time alerts, classification, and events statistics.

Cyclops is a product built on demand by Iara Systems. To acquire Cyclops or get more information, please contact us.